Deep fried seabass with
signature aromatic fish sauce

Deep fried snow fish
with signature aromatic fish sauce

Hot and sour stir-fried seabass

Deep fried seabass with chili sauce (fresh bird chili)

Palm cabbage or pickled bamboo shoot in seabass sour soup

Lime steamed snow fish

Giant catfish roe sour soup
(mixed vegetable
or palm cabbage thickened)

Salt grilled seabass
(40 mins cooking time)

Black pepper stir-fried snow fish

Silver sillago jungle soup

Steamed mackerel curry

Phuket’s fish ball green curry

Soy sauce steamed snow fish

Deep-fried seabass with roasted garlic

Spotted Featherback fish cakes

Stir-fried crab and curry powder

Steamed blue crab

Stir-fried soft shell crab and curry powder

Black pepper stir-fried crab

Crab meat soup with wild betel leaf

Crab dip in coconut sauce

Fresh bird chili stir-fried berried crab

Crab egg chili dip

Stir-fried berried crab and curry powder

Crab meat and crab egg thickened spicy soup

Crab egg and crab meat dip

Hot and sour berried crab soup

Pickled berried crab

Garlic and white pepper fried soft shell crab

Spicy blue crab salad

Grilled freshwater shrimps

Sour soup with freshwater shimps and young lotus root

Deep-fried shrimps in red curry sauce

Salt baked large tiger prawns

Shrimps taro salad

Shrimps green curry

Salt and chili stir-fried banana shrimps

Sweet and sour stir-fried
banana shrimps

Chopped shrimp omelette

Large tiger prawns with chili sauce

Black pepper stir-fried banana shrimps

Spicy tiny freshwater shrimps salad

Tom Yum Goong (hot and sour shrimps soup)

Hot and sour stir-fried banana shrimps

Raw shrimps in fish sauce

Oysters from Suratthani

Spicy stir-fried New Zealand mussles

Stir-fried New Zealand green and yellow chili

Baked New Zealand mussels
with Thai herbs

Stir-fried scallops in Thai chili paste

Butter baked New Zealand mussles

Stir-fried Asiatic hard clams
in Thai chili paste

Basil stir-fried Asiatic hard clams

Grilled scallops

Butter-baked scallops

Spicy stir-fried scallops

Spicy stir-fried Asiatic hard clams

Poached cockles

Garlic and white pepper fried scallops

Oyster omelette (Crispy / Soft)

Lime steamed squid with roe intact

Stir-fried squid in Thai chili paste

Salted egg stir-fried squid

Garlic and white pepper fried
squid with roe intact

Deep-fried semi-dried squid

Deep-fried squid with
aromatic fish sauce

Garlic fried calamari

Premium crab meat fried rice

Hot and sour mixed soup

Spicy stir-fried seafood

Shrimps fried rice

Crab meat omelette

Seafood soup

Hot and sour seafood soup

Stir-fried seafood in red curry paste

Salted fish stir-fried chayote shoot

Poached seafood platter

Stir-fried mixed vegetable

Stir-fried kailan with oyster sauce

Pacific razor clams with kailan

Stir-fried spotted featherback fish cake and hot basil

Stir-fried pea sprout




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